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GSA Advantage GSA Advantage! CMP targets are now available for purchase through GSA Advantage!  For military or law enforcement agencies browse our full product line on the GSA Advantage! website as well.      
New Product Release Military / Tactical E-Type Targets E-type torso, 40" x 20" with Stand. Shop Military Targets    
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Auto-Resetting ShootingTargets Custom Metal Products provides high quality steel shooting targets made from AR500 steel. Auto-resetting models are equipped with spring reset mechanisms to return the target to the shooting position immediately after each hit. The auto-reset feature is available on base mounted targets as well as taller post mounted stands. Target shapes are available as traditional Poppers, Circles, IHMSA Silhouettes, Cowboy Action, or custom shapes.

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Shooting Targets

The steel targets produced by CMP are made from AR500 hardened steel for long life and minimum damage due to bullet strikes. The stands, bases and mounting brackets are made from normal steel and can be damaged by repeated bullet strikes, and will not withstand rifle bullet strikes. The design of the targets protects much of the base with the AR500 target face, but occasional hits will occur. The hardware used to mount the targets is Grade 8 and will withstand bullet strikes. Replacement hardware is available for sale.

  • Pistol shooting at our targets should be performed at a minimum range of 15 yards.
  • Rifle shooting at our targets should be performed at a minimum range of 100 yards.
  • 22 rimfire pistol or rifle shooting should be performed at a minimum range of 15 yards.
  • Bullet velocity must be less than 3000 ft/sec at impact
  • Always place the target in front of a backstop to capture any bullets which miss the target.
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